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Our team of qualified and experienced professionals are committed to ensuring everyone has a positive and relaxed experience at Western Sydney Smiles. Our newly designed offices offer the best of modern comforts and dental equipment.

Did you know, smiling is healthy for you? Studies have shown smiling affects muscles which make us feel happy and joyful. You smile because you’re happy, and when certain muscles are turned on the brain fills us with happy signals called endorphins.

We feel that visiting the dentist should be a happy experience.

At Western Sydney smiles, we want each and every person to leave with a smile.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive oral health care that is easy and affordable. To ensure we adhere to this goal, we have developed our core attribute

Been putting off going to the dentist? When was the last time you had a check-up? Why not take the Western Sydney Smiles Dentist challenge today! Come in and enjoy the benefits of a relaxed atmosphere, with a knowledgable and dedicated team.

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Our day to day lifestyle causes the build up of plaque (that furry feeling) and tartar (yellow hard stuff). We recommend our patients have a check up and clean every 6 months to ensure problems are prevented or addressed with the least amount of effort and cost.At Western Sydney Smiles we offer expert and professional services in anything dental, from general care to specialized services. All our services are covered by all major health funds so you can maximize your benefits.

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02 9623 7333


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